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Rundāle Local Municipality with its productive fields of grain and calm flow of river Lielupe is located in the southern part of Latvia, called Zemgale. Rundāle is bordering with neighboring land – Lithuania (Pakruojis District Municipality).
Here everybody can enjoy Latvian baroque pearl – Rundāle Palace and take a slow walk through the famous rose garden. But at Mežotne Castle Mound the whisper of ancestry narrates about life of ancient Semigallians and fights at Upmale state centre.
Rundale Local municipality established within the Administrative Territorial Reform (July 1, 2009), merging 3 municipalities.
Total area: 231,8 km2 (70 % farm land)
Population: 4 118
80 km from Riga, capital. Closest town – Bauska 15 km.
typical European continental influenced climate with warm, dry summers and fairly severe winters. First frosts are observed in ghe beginning of October, first snowfalls happen in December. Snow melts by the end of March. Generally, the weather is best May-September, when days are warm and the nights are cool, although it rains more in Spring than in summer.
Main tourism objects:
  • Rundāle Palace – unique 18th century baroque pearl; yearly attract approx.130 000 visitors.
  • Mežotne Castle Mound – the centre of 8.-12. century ancient state of Semigallians (southern inhabitants of Latvia territory);  located next to the river Lielupe.
Educational institutions:
  • Preschool educational institution „Mārpuķīte”
  • Special educational institution „Saulespuķe”
  • Pilsrundāle Secondary School
  • School of Music and Art
  • Saulaine Professional Secondary School
Historically significant cultural monuments:  
Highly protected Natura 2000 territory – Ozoli garden, part of nature park „Bauska”, including Mežotne Castle Mound and Vīna kalns Castle Mound, Ziedoņi park.
Saulaine Park next to Kaucminde Castle, Svitene park next to Svitene Manor House. Lielbērstele Park and Grāvendāle Manor park.




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About Rundale






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