About project

We possess a unique cultural-historical heritage, without which we would lose our identity and understanding of our roots and ancestry.

The main goal of the RUNRARO project is to remind about the rich heritage, which was left to us by our ancestors and their forefathers. This heritage makes our region attractive and interesting, not only to tourists, but to the locals themselves. Productive business environment and clean space for living gives us much more satisfaction and pride in the place, which we call our home.

In the framework of the project, the church of Mežotne returned its historical beauty after a period, which lasted for more than seventy years. The history of the church started in the middle of the 16th century however, its present building was raised in the beginning of the 17th century. In the course of time, the outlook of the church and its steeple had been repeatedly altered, while its present baroque tower with a dome had been constructed during the interwar period.

During the battle on the banks of Lielupe in 1944 the church was severely damaged, while the steeple was destroyed. After the war followed unsuccessful attempts to restore the church. Later, in the sixties, the church became a storage of mineral fertilizers – the doors into the steeple and congregation room were torn out, windows and apertures were partially bricked up, while on top of the church a slope roof construction was built.

The RUNRARO project provided the opportunity to realize the long-awaited restoration works of the steeple. In accordance with the construction project developed by “LIVLAND GROUP” LTD, the steeple was restored in the same scale and outlook, as in 1920s. The first phase of the church restoration project (namely, of the steeple), was carried out by “KVINTETS M” LTD.